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Maximize your Hitting and Strength Development Plan through remote instruction and drills from PRO5 Baseball Academy.

What is PRO5 Elevate?

PRO5 Elevate is an elite, remote training program designed for aspiring baseball players and coaches. We combine hitting instruction and drills, strength training, and mental skills coaching – all designed to help you dramatically improve your swing.

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Coaches Mike Griffin and Tim Hyers break down the benefits of PRO5 Elevate

Program Highlights

  • Year-round, progressive hitting program that includes professional instruction and drills from PRO5 Coaches and MLB Hitting Coach Tim Hyers.
  • Each month’s instruction will become more in depth, and the drills more challenging, to create a more efficient swing for success at a higher level.
  • Train your body to move more athletically and efficiently through our strength program.
  • Frequent Live Look-Ins that feature PRO5 coaches delivering instruction and drills to PRO5 Academy players.

Check out what one of the top baseball minds has to say about the training from PRO5 Elevate:

“The combination of baseball specific strength and athletic development, alongside the professional baseball instruction and skill development plan with PRO5 Elevate, gives aspiring baseball players a great foundation for success.”

Tim Hyers

Boston Red Sox MLB Hitting Coach

Now, more than ever, you need to own your training in order to elevate above the rest.

We give you the tools to do it right.

Here’s a free look at some of the game-changing training you’ll have access to through Elevate

MLB Hitting Coach Tim Hyers advises on swing path

Coach Mike Griffin demonstrates a swing path drill

Coach Logan Morgan demonstrates the Dumbbell Row

It’s time to elevate your game

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